• 220 N Park Avenue
    Winter Park, FL 32789
    Phone: 407-644-3829
    Monday - Saturday: 10AM - 5PM
    Sunday: Closed
  • Fun Facts

    Did you know: Founded in 1881, established in 1882 and incorporated in 1887, Winter Park was a popular vacation oasis for notherners seeking refuge from the harsh winter season



    After checking with several other Jewelry stores, I have been very pleased with the prices that Simmons Jeweler’s has paid for my gold. I wouldn’t take it any other place, because I can trust them.

    Anne, Seminole County



    I recently brought in my trinkets from my jewelry box and I was very happy to discover I had over five hundred dollars in gold. I was so pleased with the fantastic news and especially the service and professionalism at Simmons Jewelers.  Very nice people. Exceptional service.

    Gina Befera



    My mom was in here today to sell some gold. She was treated with such professionalism and compassion.  I highly recommend them. Thank you Simmons!

    Kim, Orlando, Fl



    Dear Bob:  Many thanks for helping the catch on my necklace at no charge! Where else could one find such good service and friends as in winter park! I will pass on to my friends your reputation as best jewelers on Park Avenue. Each time I look at my pretty necklace I will think of you and your kindness, Best wishes!

    Margaret Moran, Winter Park



    This is not your ordinary big box jewelry store. Over the years I have found very unique pieces. They are quite friendly and offer their sound advice when needed. Quality and customer service keeps me and my friends coming back.

    Orlandogirl, Orlando, Fl



    I had a diamond engagement ring that I wanted to sell. I took it to several jewelers and was offered too little for the ring. I took it to Simmons and they offered to buy it from me but, they also told me I could get more for it if I left it with them on consignment. They sold it for and paid me promptly. Simmons Jewelers rocks!

    Parandehon, Orlando, Fl