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  • Shadow Boxes

    Part of the proceeds of each shadow box sale goes back to Brighter Lipstick Bigger Earrings, Inc.

    Each box is hand crafted by the founder Pam Sawyer

    Brighter Lipstick Bigger Earrings, Inc. is a non-profit organization that takes your old costume jewelry and makes them into new earrings donated to the lovely ladies undergoing chemo therapy at 14 chemo infusion centers across Florida! If you wish to donate your jewelry we have a box here at the store or you can like them on Facebook and the donation address is available for you there!

    Warrior Chimes Available In Store!

     Warrior Chimes are available in various colors and styles!

    We are Currently Out Of Shadow Boxes! Thank You for all of your Support! We will update the site as soon as we receive more!