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Remember the old Tupperware parties? A gold party is WAY better! Instead of going home with less money, you will go home with extra money in your pocket!

We’re sure you have heard about a gold party…you go to someone’s home, sell your gold and the hostess and the gold buyer receives a portion of the proceeds. At Simmons Jewelers, we do it a little different. We host the gold party right here in our store where your security and safety is ensured, and all valuables are stored in our vault. We provide the drinks and appetizers. All you need to do is call us and schedule the party. Come to Simmons and enjoy the sparkle of a gold buying party and the Simmons style happy hour! Parties are available in the evenings only.
The average person normally comes in with a few rings, a couple of chains, a set of earrings, and leaves with an average of $400.00. It’s time to go on a treasure hunt and look for those old disco chains, and any old gold or silver items. We also buy silver and gold coins…..and yes, even dental gold! We will make you an offer and you can accept or reject our offer. There is no obligation on your part.
A satisfied customer wrote “I was way surprised. I made $520 at a gold party for about a half-full snack sized baggie of stuff. I would have been thrilled to get $100.”
If cash is not what you are after, trade your old jewelry items for something new, or for repairs, or a service on your Rolex watch. We are a full service jewelry store, with jewelers on-site.
If you are looking for a way to raise funds for your school, club, or charitable organization, bring your friends in and we can assist you with donating your proceeds to the organization of your choice.
Simmons Jewelers has been family owned and operated for almost 60 years. We are the oldest business on Park Avenue. You can be assured that all legal processes and procedures are followed. We have built our reputation on integrity and treating our customers like family. We look forward to meeting you at our next gold party!